20 Days, Day 9 - My first blog post

This is my Day 9 post in Spellbound's  20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.

My very first public post was written four days after creating Kallixta. It was more a justification on why I started on the Wyrmrest Accord server than anything else. Because I already knew I was going to use a diary format focussing on Kallixta and I needed to write four entries already, I merely plunked down some explanation about who was on the server that drew me to start my new character.

I think it is significant that I spent most of my time talking about my bank alt and my daughter's character. Five sentances were scribbled down before I pushed that big POST button. I then wrote three entries about Days One, Two and Three. These all conformed to the format I expected to write in, but they don't have any graphics or links to wowhead or the like. It was much later before I attempted an IC entry.

I just noticed that I've posted 100 entries since, this being my 101st post. It's also about one month now until the anniversary of that posting. Cool!

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