Day Seventy - 3 June 2011

25 Cooking Awards
Our Daily Bread
50 Daily Quests Complete
Fish or Cut Bait

For some time I've had a routine of checking in with Aldonza and the Auction House. I'd empty the mailbox, cancel and repost glyphs and others spend 15 minutes making gold. This week I didn't need to leave as early in the morning, instead spending a few minutes more doing dailies on my characters. At the least, I could manage the Stormwind fishing and cooking dailies, but for Kallixta, I could hearth to Dalaran and do the dailies there, too.

These achievements weren't pursued for their own right, but were a side effect of earning some gold and xp for a short time investment. It's also true that having picked up the Bone Fishing Pole, I realised Kallixta's fishing hadn't been keeping up. With Fish Don't Leave Footprints as earned from doing the fishing dailies, I had been seeing the Northrend Pools and wanting to farm them for money and cooking purposes. So a daily pump to fishing from the daily is a nice bonus for the 15 minutes I can spare.

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