Day Eighty - 26 June 2011

This was the day. Fascinating that it occurred on Day Eighty of the journal. Kallixta was just short of 50% of the way to level 80 and I knew I had the time to get there. What I couldn't decide was how I was going to get there. I wasn't interested in Sholozar Basin any more and I couldn't get excited about starting in Storm Peaks or anywhere else in Northrend. I wanted to get going on the Cataclysm stuff, so I decided I'd have another run around Hyjal, mining Obsidium. If gathering wasn't quick enough, I could also kill a few mobs while the rested bonus lasted.

I found Kallixta was now plenty strong enough to handle the mobs and my flight path around the zone was much more familiar now, so I found myself making better progress than expected.

I hadn't seen many others in the zone, so I was surprised and annoyed when a troll ninja'd a node while I was fighting off some mob that was adjacent. I had time to tell him "Yer Welcome" before moving on. I was later pleasantly surprised to get a letter from the troll's Alliance side toon apologizing and sending me a recompense. I discovered I really wasn't that annoyed. I sent back a little present of my own as thanks for the apology. Have any of y'all gotten such apologies? Have any of you sent one? I know if it was a PvP realm, he could probably have killed me as well as taken the node and no apology would have been expected. I think this is why some has disdain for a carebear realm.

I had completed another circuit of the realm and was extremely close to finishing my level. I knew it would take only another mob or two, so I made sure I'd be quicker to grab the screenshot.

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