Glory of the Pink Coward

I knew it would happen. I'd fiddle with my Pink Transmog and not update my results. I was pleased with her outfit and have been wearing it all over Azeroth, but because my screenshots are on one machine while I blog on another... You're only getting to see it now!

Hm, can't see the Cape or Shoulders in this picture.
Sages of Tabasco is Aldonza's personal guild, so I changed her tabard to pink! At first it was because I had so little pink otherwise, but I'm planning on keeping it far beyond Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Something interesting about this outfit. There's only TWO TRANSMOGs! The only things mogged are the hat and cape. EVERYTHING else Aldonza wears undisguisedly every day. (Undisguisedly?)
I debated finding something better for things like the belt and shoes, but concluded they went well enough. Feel free to point me to something better. I wasn't a fan of the skulls on her heirloom shoulders, but their colour seems to go, doesn't it?

The shoulders show now!
Sometime after starting this outfit, I noticed the Fishing Pole actually went well with my outfit. I realised since Aldonza was a coward that didn't need a better weapon, she could merge her fishing outfit and heirlooms into a single outfit. See the tiny details on the pole?

Jeweled Fishing Pole is Jeweled!
Before, I would have a fishing outfit that I'd switch to instead of my heirlooms (that allow her to squeek out a few extra XP.) With this change, all she's giving up is the hat's fishing bonus, but she's continuing with the fashion statement. The gloves and pole continue to provided bonuses, but were not originally chosen to match pink. The gloves with their open fingers were originally chosen for the fishingwomen's look, but they provide the casual touch now and I like their look. Maybe I should switch to brown?
Yes, that was Arille in Dalaran in that close up above. Aldonza is now doing the cooking dailies in Dalaran! Her recent increase in XP shall be the topic of another post.

Pink on the Inside

As a supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I was inspired by JD's  Pink Transmog Challenge.

As others can attest, there is a small pool of pink available. Aldonza has the luxury of being able to wear white and grey items, since fishing and cooking don't actually matter. She got her friend Martuska, the tailor, to send her a pink shirt, but after that, things got non-pink. She decided that alone was better than nothing and ran around with that for a day.

Eventually Aldonza decided that her Darkmist Cape was a bit pink. Being the Guildmaster of her Banking Guild (Sages of Tabasco!) she'll change the colors for the month, but here is her current outfit:
Breast CANCER Awareness, not Breast Awareness!
I will continue to search, but was already fretting about participation.

NOTE: There will be an update to her outfit!