Day Seven - 28 July 2010

So I started out with two more runs of Warsong Gulch. Allies won both. I managed to play offense, flag carrier support and wasn't awful, I don't think.

I remembered to hug for [Make Love, Not Warcraft], picked up my [100 Honorable Kills] and the second game went 3-0, earning [Warsong Gulch Perfection]!

After that, I hunted down a few more Defias to reach level 20. I learned my new spells and remapped my keys. I've only made one macro so far, the one for taunting. Oh, my mount triggered [Giddy Up]!

I feel I should manage DM or WC when I've time next.

Day Six - 27 July 2010

All I did were a few quests in Westfall and earned level 19.

I will wait for level 20 and Consecrate to tackle things like Deadmines and Wailing Caverns, but this is my best chance to twink for a bit in Warsong Gulch. I'll see if I can squeeze it some soon.

Day Five, continued

I did a bit more in Loch Modan. Skinned enough to reach Expert with Achievement. Turned in the wool quest in Ironforge, which let me hit the 100 Quest achievement. I then fished past 100 Fish.

I returned to RFC for the third time. This time we hit all three bosses. I didn't get much loot.

And for about 9s and an earring change, I earned [Shave and a Haircut].

Day Five - 24 July 2010

How better to spend a Saturday morning than in Ragefire Chasm?

Well first I did a few Bingle quests in Loch Modan until Level 17.

But my second trip into RFC went much better. I'd only lose Aggro when there were more than two mobs and folks weren't targeting the same one I was hitting. Still, I managed to pull them off quickly. The only death was somebody that fell into the lava.

Someone else 'needed' the Cape and then the Robe dropped. The party re triggered LFD and we returned with a DPS Shaman to replace a Warrior. Things went even smoother and the Cuffs dropped. We didn't go for the second boss this time.

The goodie bag opened with Earthbound Girdle of the Sorcerer. It's not perfect, but better than a poke in the eye.

I dinged Level 18 and trained Hand of Freedom. An excellent morning!


When I return to Kallixta, it'll be to re-run RFC as a tank, which means no distractions. So I didn't have time on the weekend.

With such casual time, Aldonza has played some AH games, running up around 700g.

I reviewed Kaliban's Loot List for Ragefire Chasm and only the cloak is identified as a Paladin item.

Taragaman the Hungerer: Subterranean Cape (13): Back

Plenty of stuff at WC and DM are eligible though.

Day Four - 14 July 2010

I ran some Loch Modan quests until I dinged 16. After training my newest stuff, I used LFD to Tank Ragefire Chasm.

I'm a horrible tank. I forgot to switch from 2-H Mace to 1-H Sword and Shield. I changed my key mappings and wasn't familiar with the changes. I kept hitting heal instead of something else.

The party didn't say much, although the experienced Warrior did well, despite not being specced for it. We wiped twice when we aggro'd a second group of three and some of the new adds went beating on squishies.

The [Crystalline Cuffs] dropped and we got our achievement. Folks left before we could mount a serious attempt at Jergosh for the other blue.

Day Three - 13 July 2010

I worked late on Monday.

I put my talents into Deflection, which while in the Retribution tree, was recommended by (Honor's Code) .

I had notes to allow me to try out Warsong Gulch and maybe Ragefire Chasm. I first revisited the Auction House, buying a better Shield and found a few cheap Enchantments. Of course, they weren't free, but I didn't want to go overboard. I also bought enough linen to level First Aid to allow me to use Silk Bandages. I bought a stack of better healing potions, too.

Thus prepared, I visited WSG for the first time. I was in an excellent party for a noob. I hung around the Flag Room and played defense. When someone captured the Horde flag, I ran down the tunnel to meet him half way and escort him home. The game ended on time with just the one flag capture. I was very happy with the experience and jumped right back in.

From great to horrible that quick. The horde knew what they were doing while we had too many at the low end of the range. They walloped us in the flag room and even camped the graveyard for a while. The game ended when they got their third stolen flag home.

I noticed the XP wasn't significant from just the two short games. I'll be back, but only when I'm closer to 19 than 11!

Meantime, I had some quests to complete in Loch Modan. Things went amazingly fast and I finished level 15 just by some quick grinding of Boars for XP and Skins. The bump on this road was when I tried Ol' Sooty, without realizing it. Pay Attention!

Now the LFD tool works, although I'll wait for Level 16 and Righteous Fury. I found myself picking up the Dead Mines quests, although I expected to wait a bit longer. No harm yet.

Day Two - 11 July 2010

Day Two started with the purchase of some greens from the Auction House, but nothing elaborate.

While visiting Ironforge for the first time, I finally bought Skinning.

I visited Stormwind to level my Cooking and Fishing. I went to the Weapons Master to add swords, enabling 1H-Sword and Shield fighting if I want to Tank.

While fishing at the lake in Goldshire, Syylia showed up. She escorted me through a few the Elwynn Forest quests as I leveled my Mining and Skinning. She'd also point out critters to love. I didn't get much for XP with her there, but it wasn't long before we were doing Westfall quests. I was still level 11 and the mobs were red when we split. I needed more monster XP.

I finished earning Journeyman in Cooking, Fishing and First Aid and leveled to 13 by the time I stopped.

Day One - 10 July 2010

So I created Kallixta, Dwarf Paladin.

I have expectations of leveling with heavy use of the LFD tool and Battlegrounds. She is not to be PvP shy like Martuska. I also expect to engage in more RP with her.

I ran her through the Dwarf starting zone Saturday night. When she got out to the next town, I sat her by the mailbox and had Aldonza send her 100g and some bags. I don't have any heirlooms to make life easier, so this will have to do. I also find myself frequently mailing stuff for the Auction House to Aldonza to clear bag space. Therefore the gold won't be as clean as I first thought.

I bought First Aid, Cooking, Fishing and Mining apprenticeships. Aldonza had some Copper Ore she'd picked up cheap, so I leveled Mining to Journeyman. I didn't get into Ironforge for Skinning. I was level 8 when I logged off my first day.

Before the Beginning

Syylia and Elyyia were already on Wyrmrest Accord, although they became a bit quiet around January. Then around March, Suitata was started and quickly reached 80. He's been helping Syylia ever since.

Aldonza had been around a bit, but I brushed her off to practice my Auction House skills to better support Syylia's gold. As she breezed through Outland and started to dual-spec, the lure of a new alt on WA got stronger.