Off Out and Around

Kallixta was finally finding her balance between doing everything herself and delegating to her followers. She realized that there were just some things you couldn't expect others to do for you.

Like cleaning fish.

And everyone knows you want to have the dwarf go underground, so Kallixta had to go to Kuuro's Claim herself. She wasn't going to tell anyone that despite being a dwarf, she wasn't all that comfortable below ground level. It probably had something to do with spending a lot of her youth with the Wildhammers. It usually came up when she had to explain why she got along with the Dark Iron Dwarves so well.

Still, she found her love for the Artillery Tower reassuring her dwarveness and love for things that go 'boom'. Wait, gnomes like that, too? Actually everyone intent on Conquering Evil should appreciate tools that accomplish them quicker, like that Steel Tusk.

Of course, now her followers have expectations. She isn't just 'One of the Gang' anymore, so her armor can't be just anything Off-The-Shelf.