Staying Regular

In my priorities, playing Warcraft has been low for a while. Just before the new expansion dropped, I discovered my life was calm enough that I could escape a few hours a week playing again. It's been over a week and I concluded I should post something about what I'm doing.

Everyone else understands why my first lengthy experience wasn't until late Friday night. I managed to get to Shadowmoon Valley, build my garrison and run a few missions. Oh, and earn Staying Regular. Perhaps it hints I'll be playing more?

I managed to play a considerable part of Saturday (and still managed to cook a pot of Chili for the family). The spouse teased me when the queue was in single digits "Hey can you run to the store and..."

The family laughed at my striken expression. Very funny.

Still I managed to finish at level 92 and most of Shadowmoon Valley, including making a little girl cry (Ashlei).

Tuesday I realized I just needed a bit of effort and finished the Shimmer Moor for Shoot for the Moon and Darktide Roost for Explore Shadowmoon Valley.

This weekend I managed a bunch of hours, running through Gorgrond and earning level 94. After I paused to review progress, I returned to work some Bonus Objectives and complete some story lines: On the Shadow's Trail, Putting the Gore in Gorgrond, upgrade my Lumber Mill and unlock the Fishing Shack. It allowed me to ding 95 and then some!

So I've paused again, now at level 95 and getting close to 96, with Talador mostly untouched yet plenty of Gorgrond Bonus Objectives to go. I love the XP boost of those little grinds, which push me closer to 100, but I feel I'll be missing some of the other zones if I ding too quickly.

I know I'll need Nagrand for equipment in future, but does visiting Spires late feel wrong to others?

And I haven't run a dungeon yet. I've Guildies willing, but the most willing are already 100. I think I can wait and run heroics with them without feeling like I missed something.

While plotting out my Garrison, I noticed the Transmog set for the Armory, the Stormwind Set. What struck me most was that I had already a similar set in my Void Zone. I checked and sure enough, brushed off my Imperial Plate. The new one is a slight improvement, but you can't tell when shrunk over a dwarven frame! It's kinda fun running around the Garrison, looking like I fit in!

Being a Dwarf, I'm shorter than those humans. I probably should look more like the dwarves with their mountaineer gear, but that's mail. Such a dilemma!

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