Kallixta's new friend

Kallixta returned to Lunarfall, nerves still rattled after clearing the Evermorn Springs and certain the report she had of Bashiok's whereabouts was misleading. She planned to have a severe 'talking-to' with that report writer.

"Move aside you overgrown Oaf!" She declared, shoving at the lumbering Blook to step aside. "I could believe you step in front of me deliberately! Yes, yes, I know your name is Blook."

The paladin halted abruptly and looked around. She'd allowed herself to be distracted again! "Forgot your lessons again?" Deep breadth! Allow the Light within to fill and overflow.

Better? Let's open your eyes and really See what you can See.

Kallixta found herself staring into the tree nearby. Perched daintily on a low branch was a happy little bird, chirping merrily. This was a considerable antidote to her earlier vexation.

After watching the bird a bit longer, the dwarf conceived the notion of approaching it, stepping around the Flight Master and his charges and clambering up a rock. "Hello to you, too!" she cried. "Care to join me?"

Her new friends stayed for a while, helping Kallixta to deal with her duties without losing her temper.
Hello Friend!
Many thanks to Tome for making this easy.

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