Day One - 10 July 2010

So I created Kallixta, Dwarf Paladin.

I have expectations of leveling with heavy use of the LFD tool and Battlegrounds. She is not to be PvP shy like Martuska. I also expect to engage in more RP with her.

I ran her through the Dwarf starting zone Saturday night. When she got out to the next town, I sat her by the mailbox and had Aldonza send her 100g and some bags. I don't have any heirlooms to make life easier, so this will have to do. I also find myself frequently mailing stuff for the Auction House to Aldonza to clear bag space. Therefore the gold won't be as clean as I first thought.

I bought First Aid, Cooking, Fishing and Mining apprenticeships. Aldonza had some Copper Ore she'd picked up cheap, so I leveled Mining to Journeyman. I didn't get into Ironforge for Skinning. I was level 8 when I logged off my first day.

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