Day Five - 24 July 2010

How better to spend a Saturday morning than in Ragefire Chasm?

Well first I did a few Bingle quests in Loch Modan until Level 17.

But my second trip into RFC went much better. I'd only lose Aggro when there were more than two mobs and folks weren't targeting the same one I was hitting. Still, I managed to pull them off quickly. The only death was somebody that fell into the lava.

Someone else 'needed' the Cape and then the Robe dropped. The party re triggered LFD and we returned with a DPS Shaman to replace a Warrior. Things went even smoother and the Cuffs dropped. We didn't go for the second boss this time.

The goodie bag opened with Earthbound Girdle of the Sorcerer. It's not perfect, but better than a poke in the eye.

I dinged Level 18 and trained Hand of Freedom. An excellent morning!

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