Day Two - 11 July 2010

Day Two started with the purchase of some greens from the Auction House, but nothing elaborate.

While visiting Ironforge for the first time, I finally bought Skinning.

I visited Stormwind to level my Cooking and Fishing. I went to the Weapons Master to add swords, enabling 1H-Sword and Shield fighting if I want to Tank.

While fishing at the lake in Goldshire, Syylia showed up. She escorted me through a few the Elwynn Forest quests as I leveled my Mining and Skinning. She'd also point out critters to love. I didn't get much for XP with her there, but it wasn't long before we were doing Westfall quests. I was still level 11 and the mobs were red when we split. I needed more monster XP.

I finished earning Journeyman in Cooking, Fishing and First Aid and leveled to 13 by the time I stopped.

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