Day Three - 13 July 2010

I worked late on Monday.

I put my talents into Deflection, which while in the Retribution tree, was recommended by (Honor's Code) .

I had notes to allow me to try out Warsong Gulch and maybe Ragefire Chasm. I first revisited the Auction House, buying a better Shield and found a few cheap Enchantments. Of course, they weren't free, but I didn't want to go overboard. I also bought enough linen to level First Aid to allow me to use Silk Bandages. I bought a stack of better healing potions, too.

Thus prepared, I visited WSG for the first time. I was in an excellent party for a noob. I hung around the Flag Room and played defense. When someone captured the Horde flag, I ran down the tunnel to meet him half way and escort him home. The game ended on time with just the one flag capture. I was very happy with the experience and jumped right back in.

From great to horrible that quick. The horde knew what they were doing while we had too many at the low end of the range. They walloped us in the flag room and even camped the graveyard for a while. The game ended when they got their third stolen flag home.

I noticed the XP wasn't significant from just the two short games. I'll be back, but only when I'm closer to 19 than 11!

Meantime, I had some quests to complete in Loch Modan. Things went amazingly fast and I finished level 15 just by some quick grinding of Boars for XP and Skins. The bump on this road was when I tried Ol' Sooty, without realizing it. Pay Attention!

Now the LFD tool works, although I'll wait for Level 16 and Righteous Fury. I found myself picking up the Dead Mines quests, although I expected to wait a bit longer. No harm yet.

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