Day Seventy Three - 15 June 2011

My fishing daily in Dalaran earned me a Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, which was greatly appreciated. I noticed how behind my fishing skill on the Northrend Dailies. I managed 275, but I've a bit more to go before I can equip my Bone Fishing Pole.

With the recent professions upgrade, I decided to take advantage of the Mining XP and do a bit of gathering. I sailed to Darnassus and then flew from there to Hyjal. One circuit of this zone brought in stacks of Obsidium Ore, earned Explore Hyjal and got Kallixta most of the way to her next level. I aggroed a few Level 81 mobs when mining nodes and with concentration and judicious use of heals, I really had no trouble. The only death occurred when I tried to click my macro for displaying current coordinates and hit my mount macro instead, thus making my gryphon go away while I was high above the Rim of the World. That's when I discovered the closest graveyard was in Felwood!

Deciding to get serious and finish the level, I returned to Grizzly Hills and zipped through a few more quests. Most of the quest rewards seemed to only upgrade my Healing spec, such as Chestguard of Expressed Fury. I managed to complete Explore Grizzly Hills just before dinging 76.

This level opens up more glyphs and I haven't really looked into that. I also need to go back and pick up the Ivory-Reinforced Chestguard from the Kalu'ak and many of the Brilliant and Tempered Saronite items are upgrades I can craft myself. With all of these upgrades, I'll probably need to redo the gems, too.

I've been procrastinating in running dungeons with my Holy spec. I doubt I'll get to it this weekend, but by the next one I should have the time to do it.

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