Days Sixty Eight to Sixty Nine - 29-30 May 2011

The Memorial Day Weekend did see a lot of activity, but it was split betwixt multiple characters and this blog is concentrating on Kallixta. A lot of the other recent activity has been leveling professions and making gold. Martuska reached Professional Illustrious Grand Master in Enchanting and, when the Dreamcloth cooldown is up, in Tailoring too.

Kallixta managed to ding level 73 on Sunday. As I was deciding how to spend the new talent point, it struck me that I hadn't been keeping up on her Holy off-spec, despite trying to accumulate some Plate with Intellect. So I gave it full attention for awhile. After working on her talents and glyphs, I reviewed her armor and made a complete set. I added gems and some simple enchants, although not a huge investment. The guild had plenty of leftover Wrath gems and a guildie helped cut some for me. It wasn't until the evening of Memorial Day that the Holy Paladin made her debut. That same guildie has a Death Knight that was given a new second spec and we jumped into the queue together as Tank and Healer.

The LFD gave us Old Kingdom and the puggies had a plethora of Heirlooms and were patient with us. It went poorly at first until I got the hang of Judging, then I merely spent the rest of the time overhealing as I spammed Judgement and Holy Light. I picked up two Blues out of the dungeon: Slasher's Amulet and Volazj's Sabatons. We didn't bother with Jedoga, so Kallixta didn't finish the achievement. At least I remembered that this character isn't really about the achievements.

My guildie friend then gave me a patient tutorial on improving my performance. It was obvious that spamming two spells wasn't sufficient. Among the tips including a review of my talent selections and glyph choices. I swapped a prime and major glyph and may yet re-spec.

The big lesson was on use of Holy Shock and getting the Holy Power train rolling. Infusion of Light should also generate some efficiency, allowing Kallixta to be a real help and not just do a lot of overhealing. I wanted a chance to let these lessons sink in before I jump into the queue again.

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