Day Seventy Nine - 25 June 2011

With Dangerously Delicious, Kallixta succeeded at two things. This finished Chasing Marcia, but the reputation gain also put her over Honored with Kirin Tor. This last bit meant she qualified for another purchase for her Holy spec, Shroud of Dedicated Research.

I felt I had delayed long enough and it was time to give this "healing thing" a real try. I joined the LFD queue and awaited the die roll.

Halls of Lightning

Wow. My mind went blank. I couldn't remember if this was going to be easy or hard. The group didn't wait for me to get ready, despite my warning them I was a greenhorn. They were already fighting the first boss before I had a chance to put Beacon on the tank!

Small wonder two of the party died before the boss did. There was enough pause after that to allow me to get my act together. Suddenly I get the rhythm. I probably used Flash more than necessary as I was trying to better understand party needs and I definitely didn't use Holy Shock and Word of God as often as I should. There were a few cooldowns I managed, but everything went much better after the first battle. The trash was never a problem, it was only on the Bosses that I was hard pressed.

I'm sure I missed plenty of loot opportunities, as the party moved so quickly. I never saw anything I really 'needed' until the end, and I lost that. But I felt I earned the credit.

Later was the rescheduled Guild Run for Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. Unfortunately we didn't have enough to qualify as a Guild Run, but sufficient for an easy RP run. That was the plan as we were supposed to explore the Ruins for signs of corruption by the Old Gods.

Despite leaving Righteous Defense up, Kallixta was only level 79 and couldn't keep up threat compared to the other level 85 tank. It wasn't a big deal and it should have freed me for the role play, but it just wasn't happening.

It was my third or fourth visit to the Ruins, although my first with Kallixta, so things were just familiar enough that I knew where we were going and what the bosses looked like. She picked up Qiraji Regal Drape, but I can't decide if I want to grind the reputation needed to complete. It isn't something I've done really, so it's within Kallixta's charter, if you will, but there's plenty of higher priority things.

After killing the final boss and gaining the achievement, the party spent a bit of time role playing. The worked a bit, but I wish I had prepared better. In fact, I strongly wish to repeat as a real Guild Run and with more effort at role playing during the whole thing.

In the post-action analysis with the Guild, I did hear one great suggestion. Include emotes in the macros! Then each "Judgement" would include some "Feel the Judgement of the Light!" emote. It isn't much, but sounds like fun. I'll give it some thought.

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