Day Seventy Eight - 23 June 2011

Tonight was originally going to be a Guild Run of Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, but it was rescheduled. I had already cleared my calendar, so I had some uninterrupted time. First time to do was finish the fire quests: Extinguishing Outland, Desecration of Outland, Flame Warden of Outland, The Fires of Azeroth

Last Fires at Area 51
 I next returned to Sholozar and managed to ding 79 while doing quests for the Avatar of Freya.

My but you have Big Feet, Freya
Something I did triggered 5 Dungeon Quests Completed, but I don't remember what the quest was and it didn't require entering any instances.

As explained before, I spent time on gearing my Holy Spec for hopefully a Dungeon Run this weekend, queued as a healer. Two items were crafted because Kallixta now qualifies from the level increases. The other items required visited to reputation vendors. She's also very close to Honored with Kirin Tor, like another Cooking or Fishing quest close, and she can get their cloak, too.
There's a crafted necklace that I've gathered the materials for. I just need to find a jewelcrafter. There are several in my Guild.

While we have great understanding of the significance of certain round number levels, I was happily surprised to remember that level 79 unlocks the final glyph spots. I think it's excellent to spread out some of these rewards to odd number levels, don you?

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