Day Seventy Four and Seventy Five - 18, 19 June 2011

A consequence of seeing some recent quest items that fit my Holy Spec, I reviewed my existing equipment. I discovered that with level 76, there were now some blacksmithing pieces that were upgrades, in particular the Tempered Saronite and Brilliant Saronite sets. I had enough metal accumulated in my bank that crafting some armor sounded good. Despite my good intentions to get my Holy Spec going, I fell back on the comfort with Protection. After all, I reasoned, I'm doing PvE questing, not LFD yet.

So after crafting the Tempered Saronite pieces (except for two I need to level into yet) I sent the materials to a guildmate to make a cloak and then went to Venture Bay for a Relic upgrade. I'll be repeating this for Holy, except it will be a different Venture Bay Relic, Martuska can make the cloak and it'll be the Brilliant Saronite set.

I repeated the farming for good Mining Nodes, exploring Twilight Highlands this time. By the time I'd made a circle of the highlands and another of Hyjal, I managed Professional Illustrious Grand Master! Inspired by reaching 525 in Mining, and having picked up the 50 Cooking Awards Saturday morning, I decided to spend them on some recipes and Crates of Tasty Meat. Thus I picked up Grand Master Cook and Illustrious Grand Master Cook!

On Sunday I ran through Hemet's quest hub in Sholozar Basin and managed to ding 77.

With the diligence I've applied to the Auction House and crafting, Kallixta had sufficient gold to purchase artisan riding and pick up The Right Stuff. The speed increase is noticeable!

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