Day Seventy Two - 5 June 2011

Earned Revered with Kalu'ak, but only then discovered the Honored rewards need level 76 and the Revered Mace good for the Holy spec needs level 78.

Glancing at the other Wrath Reputations, Kallixta has Friendly with Kirin Tor (thanks to the dailies), but there's no Kirin Tor reward she really needs until the Arcanum at Revered. However the Argent Crusade is Honored and has great leg armor, again once she's level 78. It all left me a bit puzzled as to what, if anything, I might work on instead of just forging ahead through Northrend.

However, after doing Wrathgate yesterday, I managed half of Grizzly Hills and dinged level 75. This qualified me to train up on my professions, earning Professional Grand Master with Mining and when I repeated it for Blacksmithing, picked up Working Day and Night.

I spent a bit of time setting up my Tradeskills addon for improved crafting for sale at the Auction House. I even made a Icebane Girdle for sale.

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