Days Sixty Two to Sixty Seven - 15 - 22 May 2011

Aldonza shakes her head in amused disbelief even as she takes a seat beside her friend. "It has been wonderful having you here so long and seeing you so often, but I will miss you."

With a grim face showing her determination, Kallixta stares at the top of the tavern's table. "It was a distraction, but I have made a resolution. I have much to accomplish."

A snort marks the human's disagreement. "As if you having been making accomplishments all during this time?" Aldonza grants a quick smile before she, too, regards the table's surface. "I think you're overlooking a few things."

Face unchanged, the dwarf paladin looks up. "Trivial things."

A shrug, a quick smile, and Aldonza makes her gentle correction, "Maybe some things, like your fishing and cooking work. But your dedication to daily work was acknowledged by the town fathers. I know they merely were a test of your self-sufficiency. I'm glad you got out of the effort what you wanted. And a nice fishing pole, too."

As Kallixta makes no verbal response, Aldonza mischeviously dips two fingers in her beer and flicks droplets for attention.

"What?" Blinking, Kallixta looks up. "Oh, yes. Nice pole even if I haven't got the hang of it yet. Should be strong enough for some of those Northrend monster fish I found along the southern coast."

"But you won't be spending time on the coast now, right?"

Shaking her head in agreement, her friend responds. "No. I'm done with the Fjord. The Tundra doesn't appeal to me. I did some scouting around, but there's something about the Dragonblight that I think will keep my attention for now."

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