Day Sixty - 5 Apr 2011

I ran a simple Role Play event for my guild in Duskwood. It was my first try and I learned a bunch about such an event and expectations. I think they'll run better next time. We visited the Tomb at Beggar's Hollow before moving to the Twilight Grove. We did some observations of changes since the Shattering and speculated a bit.

Strelka says, "Maybe is because of the trees?  Westfall and Redridge do not have many trees, and they are hurt badly by the Cataclysym.  But here, there are many and they are largely OK."

Kallixta looks interested and asks, "So, perhaps Deathwing is afraid of trees?"

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  1. We, too, had an event in Duskwood a couple days ago. The place has a great atmosphere to play out some really spooky things. It was creepy!