20 Days, Day 5 - Favourite item in game

This is my Day 4 post in Spellbound's 20 Days of WoW Blogging challenge.

Here's the answer that was brought home when my Mage was giving Orphans tours:

Rune of Teleportation

I keep a stack of both these and Rune of Portals in my bags at all times now. I'm happy to make a few gold answering those "lf port to Dal" postings, but I love the freedom of bouncing all over Azeroth myself with quick and simple ports. I finished my Children's Week touring (except for Hail the King, yay, and Hard Knocks, grrr) in minutes. The experience was so painless I couldn't bring myself to run those quests on any of my other alts!

Is that your final answer?

It is. I feel naked without a stack of runes in my bag. Seeing them in there is more satisfying than any other item I've owned.

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