20 Days, Day 7 - My Blog's Name

This is my Day 7 post in Spellbound's 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.

When I started this blog, I already had Martuska, a level capped Mage. This blog was dedicated to a new toon, Kallixta. She was the vehicle to allow me to explore things I'd missed when leveling Martuska. There were many corners I just couldn't see Martuska exploring. One of the most obvious was that a Mage was pure DPS while a Paladin allowed me to try both Tank and Healing.

Vidyala's experiment with The Pugging Pally was an inspiration for what I thought this blog might be like. It would be a journal allowing me to record what I did and when. Kallixta's posts continue to record the date and accomplishments, but their style is changing. I've discovered how much I enjoy writing her posts "in charcter", which I picked up from enjoying Ratshag's blog. These posts mean the title "Kallixta's Notes" continues to be relevant.

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