Day Sixty One - 8 May 2011

Kallixta arranges her finished pieces, still needing a bit more polish before she turns them over to her friend. "It amazes me how well these Fel Iron Rods sell, but then I'm not like you." Her expression seems pleased but it would be difficult to tell that if wasn't just pride in workmanship.

Aldonza takes the bait, "You mean an Enchanter?"

Kallixta's grin is fully unveiled, "No, a penny pincher. I just can't be bothered to pay such close attention to prices."

Aldonza shrugs, happy to see her friend happy, even if it is a bit at her expense. "And it's folk like you that are my best customers, happy to let me profit. Oh, nice! another Arcanite Rod. I can sell far more of these than you make. And the profit is even better!" Her touch is reverent on the grayish metal.

It is Kallixta's turn to shrug, "Talk to an Alchemist. It's not something I can control."

"I'll do that. I think I know just to one." Her voice is soft, not carrying, as the pair work in the front room of Aldonza's lodging in Ironforge. The constant ringing of work from the Great Forge is sufficient to drown her words even this early in the morning. "Thanks for taking time to do this for me."

"It's so nice to at least be on the right planet. Northrend isn't that far and despite what others think, the voyage isn't bad." With a blank stare typical when puzzled, Kallixta mildly watches Aldonza tally numbers and sort out coins. "The Howling Fjord is much more like home than someplace like Tanaris. Plenty of good Dwarves there that meals are good, even if they'll occasionally offer things like Whale's Milk. Trust me, don't try it."

Aldonza's smile continues while her eyes flash up in amusement at her friend. "I'll trust you. You know I trust you on everything. So it's like home, is it? Any changes?"

"Oh my yes," Kallixta quickly agrees. "I've found plenty of good tools to carry on the good fight. And these were just from around the Fjord. As you already commented, I've been replacing my green Fel Iron Plate with darker pieces. Things like Ramshorn-Inlaid Shoulders, Scavanged Tirasian Plate, Munificent Legguards and some trinkets. I know I sent you a note with all the junk I had you sell. Didn't you read it?"

"Of course. And I can tell you the value of everything you sent, but your words don't tell me how much effort went into winning a First Mate's Pocketwatch."

"Oh that was less trouble than I expected. Few things even scratch my armor anymore. No it was the thing called the Fury of the Encroaching Storm that took real effort. I had to lay a few ghosts to rest while uncovering a future threat that took time and energy. Actually, that made me quite happy."

The human has finished her accounting and passes a full purse of coins to her paladin friend, "I thought it might. I've heard your name mentioned in reports. You're doing good work and folk know it."

Level 70!

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  1. It comes late, but still, grats! :) Enjoy Northrend, it's awesome. Oh and when it comes to choosing zones, since you won't have to do all of them to reach 80, be sure not to miss out on Storm Peaks. It's beautiful, full of lore that would interest a Dwarf (titan stuff) and has wonderful music!