20 Days, Day 6 - My Workplace

This is my Day 6 post in Spellbound's  20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.

Over the past few years, my WoW Workplace has changed several times. Originally the family had the "nice computer", the newest most powerful desktop, in the front Living Room. It was set up on a nice desk and looked kinda like the nice version I've seen on other blogs for this challenge. You know: Desk, Comfy Chair, room for knick-knacks but few distractions. It was isolated from the family, which also was a bit of a problem because our family likes to do things together. Still, it was the nicest setup we've had.

Eventually we rearranged things such that the computer moved to the Family Room. It was in a corner and meant I could play WoW at the same time as the family watched TV. It was a move that was appreciated from a family inclusion perspective, but it made the computer much more appealing to other family members. I had to share it much more often. In addition, the desk top was much smaller and there was far more clutter in the corner.

We had another room rearrangment and the WoW computer moved to a different desk. It was no longer in the corner. Instead walking into the Family Room meant sliding between the computer chair and a recliner. The computer started showing its age and as it was used for more then just Wow, it had less disk space than before. Yet at this time it wasn't the only WoW computer. Both older kids had laptops that ran WoW. This was a time when my younger boy and I would adventure together, each on a different machine.

Then Cataclysm was released. Everything changed. The computer that was once on the cutting edge would no longer run WoW. Its video card was too old and there wasn't much space on the hard drive. The hinge on Syylia's laptop broke, but it was the only thing I had. Syylia got a new laptop in preparation for going to Korea, but I rarely got time on it. Instead I could play WoW on the broken-hinged thing at the kitchen table. I still managed to level to 85 on it, but it wasn't as much fun.

We bought a new machine. It was more than just a new computer as the family has shifted from watching a TV to watching shows on Hulu or otherwise off the net. The new computer is perfect for this. It's also wonderful for using Skype to talk to Korea. Here's a picture which happened to be taken at maximum clutter with Syylia on the screen on Skype and Suitata in the chair. The desk cleans up more than seen at this time, but it's still not optimized for a dedicated night of raiding.

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  1. I think it says a lot of good things about your family that you moved the computer to the same room where the rest of them were watching TV. :)
    This makes me thinkg of when I was younger and lived with my family still, we used to have so little space (we lived in four small rooms with six people)that computer+desk were located in the tiny, cold hallway between front door and stairs. Everytime the bell rang the person using the PC had to get up and move the chair out of the way so the door could be opened. Good times, haha! :,D