20 Days, Day 4 - Favorite Wow Memory

This is my Day 2 post in Spellbound's 20 Days of WoW Blogging challenge.

Let me tell you two good memories.
An early memory comes from my first day in the Outland. I was already level 62 when I arrived at the Hellfire Peninsula, so the mobs were giving me little trouble and I could immediately purchase flying. Instead of just knocking off quests, I wanted to explore a little. I flew past some mobs and dropped into empty spaces while looking around. I wasn't a miner at the time or I'd have been dropping on ore nodes, too. So I found a nice quiet spot to AFK and I was new enough to flying that I didn't think of hovering AFK. I returned and found myself dead. Huh. I must have missed something.

A bit later, I was fascinated, watching the ground reverberate. Cool, an earthquake? Isn't that neat? Why is my health dropping? Run Away! Too slow.

Huh. What's Fel Reaver? Good, nobody heard me scream like a little girl.

And so an hour later, I watched my son do pretty much the same thing, only this time I laughed at him from the superior position of knowing nobody saw me make the same mistake! I've since contrived ways to be watching over someone's shoulder as they walked off the edge of Dalaran and a few other deaths. Yeah, that's fun.

There is one other special memory, my first Raid. I was diligent about gearing as best I could and I was doing fairly well, I thought. So my Guild decided to run the weekly Raid for Razorscale and invited me along. They were deep into ICC, so we all knew I was being carried. I had a couple days between learning the weekly's target and our Raid session, so I did my best to learn the encounter and my role. Never having done Ulduar before, I didn't know how much else I needed and somehow didn't learn the Flame Leviathan very well. They relegated me to a role that I couldn't screw up too badly and suddenly Unbroken popped up and there were purple drops that were upgrades to only one person, me. My first earned epics!

Since my Vent was on toggle to speak, nobody heard my squeals.

On to Razorscale! Here my preparation went into effect. I think I did better on this than I expected. This fight isn't so complicated that I couldn't figure out what was going on. I never stood in the cone of dragon's breath. I burned down adds without aggro trouble. As the Boss health dropped, I got more excited.

And then A Quick Shave popped and I was dancing. I was loud enough I disturbed all my kids upstairs. I had dogs barking and dancing with me. A part of me knew I had been carried, but a big part of my pride was that I knew I had actually done my job.

And my whole family knew it. Meanwhile, the Guild was trying to pass me more loot while I was dancing. I had torn the headphones plug out and my microphone stopped working.

I had to buy a new one, but I did it with a smile.

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  1. *laughs* How wonderful you had so much fun! Perhaps you should do more raiding! :D

    I'm about to write this post, too, but it's just so incredibly hard to choose one, or two, or even a couple of best memories. I have so many!