20 Days, Day 1 - Introduction to Kalli

20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge was started by Spellbound and defined in the post http://spellbound.nu/?p=829. Althought I was tempted when Mhorgrim started, it wasn't until a deluge of others did it that I succumbed.

Welcome to Kallixta's Notes. I am Kallixta, which is pronounced "Callista", but you can call me "Kalli".

I am also "Dang Fool", but Dang Fool does things outside of the World of Warcraft. Kalli is focused only on WoW. I'm not hiding the fact that behind this female dwarf is a old male, but it shouldn't be important and I'll rarely bother to mention it again.

Kallixta is as of this date a level 69 Dwarf Protection Paladin. She is my main and the vehicle I want to use to explore Azeroth, especially things I haven't done before. I have a level 85 Gnome Mage, named Martuska, who shows up on occasion, but primarily as my mount and pet collector and Achievement Whore. Aldonza is not an important character, but something between a bank alt and a role-play spear carrier.

Dang Fool turns 50 this year. My first computer games were Pong and Space Invaders. My first role playing games were Dungeons and Dragons and Empire of the Petal Throne back in 1976 or so. Around the same time I was learning to keypunch cards, I discovered ARPANET and have been connecting to friends with it ever since. I still work with computers in my career, but I don't have a Facebook account or Twitter. I am happy to spend more hours camping outdoors than playing on WoW.

I met my wife while playing D&D in college, so I don't need to explain some things to her. She was the one that bought our first Magic: The Gathering decks, which my son and I still play. She encouraged me to try MUDs in the 1990s (typically RP on tinyMud), which gave me great practice at writing. I have actually sold a couple short stories and been published. I've had to declare something like $80 income to the IRS!

My family lived in England for over a year. I work just a few miles north of the Canadian border.

My older son bought the Burning Crusade Collector's Edition and introduced me to the game. He has since moved on to other games and the account is really my daughter's, who continues to play. I played haphazardly for years until May 2010 when Martuska hit 80. Not long after, I decided I wanted to experience WoW as someone that could do more than only DPS, thus Kallixta was born.


  1. I love the fact that I find new blogs all the time through this challenge :)

    Look forward to seeing what the other days bring!

  2. Funny how us old folk are still hangin around the MMO world. Glad to see you decide to take up the 20 day challenge. It's also kinda neat to see things from a more RP persective.

    Oh, Mhorgrim hit 72 last night. I been tooling around in Northrend for a bit for questing. I'm also into my Saronite series with his blacksmithing which is really great as now my armor is set till 80. In the meantime I've been also working on Damios my kitty feral druid in the Battle Grounds.

    Have a great day Kalli!