20 Days, Day 3 - My First Day

This is my Day 2 post in Spellbound's 20 Days of WoW Blogging challenge.

Burning Crusade was purchased by my older son in the After Chrismas Sales with his own Christmas money, a gift to himself. It was his game and he played it extensively over the holiday.

A month later, I got to try it out. Knowing I'd be competing with my kids for time on it, I could prepare myself. I read up on the game and sketched out a plan. In particular, I used Wowwiki as a resource. I'm not sure what else I found because there were a lot of sites that didn't mean anything to mean, but I desparately hoped I wasn't going to look like a nubcake. I had a chance to look over my son's shoulder and already knew there were a few things like liked and disliked. So, I had a plan. I had a cunning plan.

We all know how long plans last.

My first character was an Undead Warrior. The idea was her class was supposed to be simple. You hit things, right? She charged off down the hill, whacking things, resting and running back into town very often. With my preparation, despite the lack of experience in MMOs I zipped to level 10 quickly enough (maybe not as quick as you can these days, but quick enough) and found myself outside the Undercity and a chance to explore without worrying about angry things attacking me. I discovered I loved exploring cities in Wow. I spent hours visiting the back rooms of otherwise empty buildings. I talked to every NPC I could. I had so much fun just exploring, that my plan changed.

I knew where I planned to go after my Undercity visit, but in my preparation, I also knew where that Zeppelin I could see went. So soon I was visiting the Orc's capital and had a whole new city to explore.
There was another distracting thing going on. It was the Valentine's day holiday and soon I was doing these friendship bracelet quests or something. Despite all my preparation, I would need a new plan for tomorrow, should my son let me play.

Thus the pattern was set there were any number of things I found more interesting in Wow than just leveling to the cap. And my tendancy to be distracted by pursuit of Achievements could be detected even on my first day and prior to the invention of Achievements.

Another thing that could be seen from the first day was that I've only ever had female characters. I won't bother explaining why, because there isn't one reason but several. But the only male character I made was when I needed an particular racial rogue to be turned into a turkey. I just went too quickly through the initial screens and missed that selection.

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