Day Fifty Nine - 31 Mar 2011

Kallixta stays quiet, unfidgeting, as she stares at Brom Brewbaster , who avoids her eyes. She clears her throat, "No. My Mum isn't much of one for the cooking. I did learn to like hitting red-hot metal from her though."

Brom stays silent, shifting about to now look at his table. He looks like he might be considering cleaning it some. That would give him something else to do.

Kallixta concludes the cooking trainer isn't going to continue the chat, but she knows that her Dad would want her to continue to be polite. "I learned the most about cooking last Pilgrim's Bounty. It's amazing what you can learn at that time. Everybody seems to be in a right proper mood about food. All the cities were wanting to show off their specialties and the like. It was easy for a curious girl to improve her cooking skills and ever so many folks willing to teach. That's where I learned my cooking, so I did."

Brom makes some instinctual sounds that the paladin must assume are meant to be encouraging, yet he still avoids looking at the young dwarf lass. Maybe he's just embarrassed to have been caught without a shirt and looking like he slept the night under his table.

Kallixta decides she can wrap up the conversation, "So not having been given to think much about it, I haven't been improving and I thank you for your tutorial. I will take care with your family's recipes. I do appreciate your generosity. What was that, almost two dozen I'd never seen or heard before? Thanks. I especially appreciate the recipes for Rhino Dog, Roasted Worg and Shoveltusk Steak as I actually have accumulated the meat for those this day on my adventures about the Fjord. With your teaching, I feel myself something of a Chef de Partie!" Kallixta gives the older dwarf a salute as she's now happier with things on a more formal level. "Sorry I couldn't indulge in your offer. Aye?" She retreats, feeling much better that the uncomfortable moment has passed.


  1. Kallixta, I gotta say you can weave a story into basic mechanics in a fluid manner that made your achievements post very enjoyable! Thanks for the read and keep doing what ya do!

  2. It was Ratshag at "Need more Rage" ( that made me realise I should try this style more often.