Day Eighty One - 30 June 2011

Kallixta dropped heavily into the seat across from her friend.

"Now there's a picture of happy exhaustion!" Aldonza smiled with her pen stabbing into the air, gesturing to the paladin. "Fighting the good fight, making progress and pleased with yourself?"

Kallixta adjusts in her seat, the better to start unbuckling some of the armor. "Yes, yes and I'm not saying." She yields a wry smile before glancing back down to her fingers, pulling off some leg armor. "But there is SO much to do and I fear even this short break can make a difference. I mean, the Infernals seem to be passing from the Elemental Plane so easily! There are so many!" A short pause allows the paladin to plunk down the heavy plate piece onto the table top with a sigh. "I saw them, you know."

"Them?" Aldonza had just started to return her attention to the parchment before her, but some emphasis in the subject word brings her eyes back up.

Quieter now, Kallixta explains with a tremor in her tone. "Deathwing himself. And he had Ragnaros returned. I was dragonback, but I could see both clearly. It seems the breach to Fire must be huge. We're entirely on the defensive right now, trying to slow the invasion. My proudest moment was merely preventing plans from falling into enemy hands, but that shows what I mean. Defense. Strategically we need to find allies. The leadership seems to have ideas, but they all involve ancient allies and none are devotees of the Light."

Releasing the pen and some tension in her hands, Aldonza stares across the table. "It sounds so desperate, yet you had time to bring back another stack of ores?"

With a snort, Kallixta's face transforms from worried to familiar tolerance. "Yes. It's just the ones I trip over. I'm not actively seeking it now, like I had been. This is just what I stumble across. It's very useful stuff, you know." Her features start to harden again as her gaze drops to the armor on the table. "I suspect I'll be making an entire new set of armor in a short while. My current set is useful fighting the cold of Northrend, but I need the heat resistance this stuff offers."

"It's not just the armor, is it girl?" Aldonza points to the new necklace the paladin now wears.

A quick move confirms to Kallixta the necklace still hangs about her neck. "I got this from one of my Explorer League friends. I suspect there will be plenty of changes to my gear. Why I even changed my weapon!" With a face showing surprise that the weapon wasn't already in her hand, her hand smoothly finds the handle in a well-practiced motion. "A Mace, obviously. And again." Her nose wrinkles, demonstrating her reluctance. "Something the Druid Channelers seem enthused about. It does help in all the new healing duties I seem assigned." She pauses, glancing at the Human. "As you thought, there's demand and I seem to be picking up the knack."

The Human Mage gives a shrug, "We each do our part. I'm sorry yours seems so much more dangerous." With an embarrassed motion to the scroll before her, Aldonza continues, "I fear paper cuts from my glyph business. It could get infected and all those thousands of gold pieces would stop flowing our direction."

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