Days Eighty Two to Eighty Five - 2-5 July 2011

I had a lot of free time available over the long holiday weekend and I was able to devote a substantial amount of time to Kallixta. Beyond this, I managed to spend a lot of time on Martuska, too. As my Achievement Whore, I managed to complete The Flame Warden, leaving only Children's Week for Strange Trip. I also managed to join my guild in bringing down the Whale Shark!

As for Kallixta, I spent some time just questing in Hyjal and dinging 82 while Beating Pterodactyls and picking up Plenty of Pets. I also did some ore farming and with only half hearted trying, picked up Explore Uldum and Deepholm. I did not neglect the Auction House games I've been working on and to better play, I completed leveling my blacksmithing skill, earning Working Around the Clock. Another money making opportunity was picking up the Chocolate Cookie recipe, which sells well with a bit of You'll Feel Right as Rain promotion. I helped at least three guildmates earn that achievement. Sous Chef has another of those accidental things.

The crowning event of the weekend was my finally running a Cataclysm dungeon as a Healer, Throne of the Tides! We were a bit overgeared and I didn't use my cooldowns much. No one was ever in real danger, I don't think. It was awesome! Still, despite my preparation and warning, my kids STILL tried to interrupt me! I don't think I've ever growled that loud.

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