Day Fifty Three - 27 Feb 2011

Having used all my Rested XP, this was supposed to be a simple day. I'd do a bit more ore farming and maybe level my Blacksmithing a bit. I also had some idea of raising my Sporeggar reputation. I really want Petrified Lichen Guard, which only requires Honored. I'm doing fairly well and would have finished that, but I got a better offer.
Another Guildie in Outland asked if anybody wanted to try Heroic Ramparts with him, and I quickly volunteered. I had been thinking of trying normal Ramparts and was prepared to tank that. The new plan meant buying the key, but it was one of the few Outland Heroics that don't require level 70. Soon a Guildie was ready to run us through. I again felt some guilt. Shouldn't I be earning this myself? But I shoved that twinge down and took advantage of his generousity. I discovered I don't know how to play a supportive DPS. I knew enough to take Righteous Defense off, but there was little I could do to help otherwise. I'm sure my DPs was a tiny fraction of the total flying around. A surprise Fear had be pull a patrol and they quickly overwhelmed me, but that was the only death. I felt like it was my fault, but there really wasn't much I could do.

The entire dungeon went quickly enough and not only did I earn Hellfire Ramparts and Heroic: Hellfire Ramparts, but the three of us together meant we got Heroic: Hellfire Ramparts Guild Run, which was kinda cool.

I managed to win Truncheon of Five Hells, which I can't use until I level to 70, but the quest for killing the boss rewarded me with Jade Warrior Pauldrons, which I could immediately put to use.

So with everything that happened Friday  and Saturday, this just felt like a wonderful weekend for my Warcraft. Any one of these three days would have been cool. I'm glad I remembered to snap a screenshot.

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