Day Fifty Five - 13 March 2011

This was another short visit on Kallixta. We spent the weekend spending money, including a new dishwasher which took three visits to the hardware store before I got in hooked up correctly. Another big purchase was a new computer. As a reminder of our situation, see Martuska, Laptops and Foolish Love

The new computer has great visuals and we made sure I could play WoW on it, but I still only one of three common users. This meant I only got online Sunday night and couldn't stay as long as I wanted.
I made another visit to Hellfire to fight for the PvP fortifications and pick up a few more Marks. I now had sufficient marks to buy something interesting. Despite having recently gotten my first relic, Libram of Wracking, I concluded that the best thing to purchase was Totem of Impact, in theory for my Healing spec. I've been giving serious consideration to exploring the spec sometime soon and that seemed to be at least something different to buy. With my happiness over the Fel Iron Plate and the frequency of other quest green rewards getting sold, I think it shouldn't be too difficult for me to build up my Holy Paladin gear.

Another thing I tried was AoE Grinding. This is something I'd done as a Frost Mage leveling years ago, and I have the tools. A quick check implied the Ancesteral Grounds in Nagrand would be a suitable location to experiment. Sure enough, I had little trouble handling 5 or 6 spectral orcs, as long as I spent my Holy Power on Word of Glory. My health dips a lot more than under my usual pattern, but never a worry. While all those dying mobs had Rested XP bonus, I didn't feel like I was necessarily leveling quicker nor was the loot all that great.

My not very scientific conclusion was to return to my questing guide, but when I see opportunities for a bigger AoE pull, to go for it. I'm just not going out of my way and only grinding that way.

Has somebody done the math on the difference?

Having good returns on my rare recipe posts at the Auction House (and reminders from Mhorgrim, thanks!), I decided to push my professions, yet again. My Bank Alt had been grabbing good deals on the Ore needed and I've gotten Blacksmithing to 351, opening up Cobalt and a few other fun things. The cloth purchased also saw me making bandages and First Aid is now 339.  Only my fishing is behind now and I don't see that improving anytime soon.

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  1. Nice advances by the way. Glad I could be of some help as well in the recipe department. To be honest though, it was Ratshag who clued me in on it, I just passed on my good fortune.

    Fishing...ya its good between Battleground Qeues, but it can be soooo boring. Glad to see things are looking up for ya though with the new PC.