Day Fifty Two - 26 Feb 2011

I had a good day, mostly free to play WoW. Kallixta had accumulated sufficient rested XP to allow me to race through level 63 and 64. It gave me renewed hope to get my paladin to end-game content soon. With the prior day's Burning Crusade run, I am looking forward to that day.

The leveling was mostly accomplished by finishing the quests in Hellfire Peninsula, including completion of To Hellfire and Back and moving on to Zangarmarsh.

With the remembered plan to have Kallixta poke into corners I'd neglected before, I wanted to gather enough Marks of Honor Hold to purchase some reward for myself. I'd been managing to grab PvP forts when noone else was fighting for them. I was completing my second when a Horde Death Knight decided to contest my presence. I surprised myself with my quick victory. I wasn't particularly prepared, so I'm guessing it's a tribute to the survivability of paladins more than anything else. As another surprise, the victory was the last piece I needed for That Takes Class. My battleground visits at lower level had accomplished all I could, but there are no low level Death Knights.

That Death Knight wasn't the only time a Hordie contested the Forts this weekend. One level 85 warlock had been deliberately camping the forts and sitting in place. I had ignored him, doing my other work hoping he'd get bored, but enough other Alliance players were falling to him and asking for help, that I reluctantly did something. I asked my guildies, as casually as I could, if anyone was bored and wanted to visit the Outlands. My guildmates are so responsive that I feel guilty asking for such a favor, despite knowing they probably don't think of it as a big deal. It was a short time later that I watched the first guildie arrive and route the Hordie. Another Guild member showed up soon after. I think the other level 60 something Alliance players where most impressed.

By the way, what do y'all think about the Honor Hold Marks? Is it worthwhile to earn a few? What should they be spent on? I can't remember my original plan, but I suspect it was for the Relic and I've since earned Libram of Wracking. I suppose now the slot in most need is a trinket, meaning Mark of Vindication. However, if I keep earning 3 or 4 levels a weekend, I'll be in Northrend too soon to matter.
Having finished Hellfire and before I really jumped into Zangarmarsh, I took the opportunity to farm some ore nodes and fly around Outland, picking up Explore Hellfire Peninsula, Explore Zangarmarsh, Explore Nagrand and leveling my Mining over 360.

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