Day Fifty Seven - 26 Mar 2011

Kallixta is impatient with Outland. She's already looking forward to carrying the fight to Northrend and Outland feels like a forgotten backwater in the war Azeroth is fighting against its enemies. Nagrand is like a safari vacation and she'll return home with some nice trophies, but trophies themselves aren't important to her.

Before she can leave Outland, there was one profession that had been neglected that shouldn't. She can get fishing caught up anywhere, but her cooking was only 305 and it needed attention before leaving. One side effect of all that work for Hemet was a stack of Clefthoof and Talbuk meats. It turns out that just cooking what she'd already accumulated continued offering skillups, although things turned green before she was done. Still, now her cooking is 355 and she's ready to try  Northern Cooking.

There were plenty of quests available in Nagrand as mentioned before when Kallixta needed to drop some Zangarmarsh and Hellfire quests to make room, but she carefully worked her way through. She wasn't necessarily the most efficient, but nothing in Nagrand was really that far away. One by one the quest hubs went silent and the rewards started turning blue. Taken individually, those rewards all looked good, but it was easy to postponed a decision about swapping something in and breaking up her Fel Iron Plate set. She had her head down and her goal was in sight, knocking off quests and rescuing Corki.

Kallixta was bumped off before finishing level 68 as my boys had scheduled Starcraft time on the computer Saturday night. But I'd scheduled more time for myself on Sunday.

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  1. Heh...busy run! Got to Lv 70 on Saturday. Been mining for my cobalt and now Saronite sets. It'll be a long grind, that and making enough gold to get my next mount training. 4K of gold!!! ACH! Well, I'm about 30% there now. Good times.