Day Fifty Six - 20 March 2011

I sat down with Kallixta on Sunday morning with a plan, and like all best laid plans, things went agley mighty quick! I flew to Telaar in Nagrand, but only half the quests I expected to available. Slowly it dawned on my that I was still unfriendly with Kurenai! I had some ground work to lay and it needed to be done back in Zangarmarsh.

I returned to do a bit of questing around Orebor Harbor. It didn't take as long as I feared, although I was getting interrupted by "family aggro". I made Neutral with the Kurenai and broke off for a bit.

Before I could restart my questing, I did my Auction House clean up. The rare recipes I'd picked up were selling, as were the accumulated enchanting rods. I did a bit of judicious purchasing to keep those coming when I found an excellent deal on Cobalt Ore. It was incredible and I bought all I could and forwarded it to Kallixta.

So, of course, the next thing I did was level my professions on My Pretty Paladin. Smelting 303 Cobalt Ores took a bit of time, but I did some multi-tasking. Mining is at 375, the highest I can get without flying to Northrend and start my mining there.

Next I zipped through a bunch of blacksmithing recipes with Cobalt requirements: Boots, Shields, Legplates, Gauntlets, Shuriken, Axes. At level 395, the guide I was following suggested Brilliant Saronite Belt as economical plus they can be disenchanted for Dream Shards. Thus reminded, I confirmed that all my recent product would be better disenchanted than sold on the Auction House. So I emptied my groaning bags into Martuska's direction.

By the way, Kallixta stopped at BS level 405, where the next step requires lots of Saronite and more. I decided all that can wait until I get to Northrend, too. It really shouldn't be long and then I can make my own Eternal Belt Buckles! I will also be able to make Titanium Rods about then, too.

A few hops on alts later and it was Sunday evening and I could get back into leveling Kallixta again. One thing I noticed in this day was a bunch of stupid deaths. I got to thinking of myself as very tough and able to survive most anything, but it was still possible to get myself killed. I was trying to follow the stupid bounce from the trampoline to the egg nest quest when I clicked the levitation buff off and missed the nest. Doh! I also hunted down the King Antelope after handily dispatching the Queen Bantha and Gutripper, but I failed to notice how I aggro'ed the entire herd of antelope plus a few wandering elementals.

One interesting thing is I completely filled my Quest Log with Nagrand quests. It didn't take long to tidy, but it has been a while since I did that and usually because I was doing too many dailies. To better clear my log, I decided I'd just finish off those safari quests and I did. This meant a few new pieces of equipment, including finally an upgrade to the miner's helmet I've enjoyed since arriving in Hellfire. This thing does NOT go nicely with my Fel Iron Plate set, but at least it isn't totally stupid. I got a bit confused over the rewards for the final piece in the Hills Like White Elekk achievement as they all seem too similar. I finally selected Harold's Rejuvenating Broach, but I don't know if it matters.

There is real irony is earning Got My Mind On My Money when I really hadn't been expecting it. I was minding my gold from the Auction House and from Questing, but I hadn't given looting much thought!

I didn't finish to level 67 last night, but I'm not really too far away and I won't have blacksmithing distractions next time.


  1. Props for doing blacksmithing! It's really the most annoying profession. My own Paladin has it (she's still 80 so it's still at 450), and it made me go mad everytime it came to maxing out the skill for one xpac (300, 375, 450). It requires so - many - freaking - mats!

    As for the relics, they're the same because before 4.0 they were class specific and had an effect instead of stats. With 4.0 they removed the class restrictions and put generic stats on them. Sorry if you already knew that! :)

  2. I don't know if blacksmithing is the most annoying, as I've also found enchanting to be hässlich.

    I was certain the relics were changed from some original, although I didn't know it was with 4.0 for sure, but usually even after a change they still have differences. Here two of three were identical, but the third differed slightly.

  3. Well done Kalli! I been still messin aorund in Zangarmarsh getting a few things done then heading to the Blade's Edge for a bit. I was going to wait for a bit to get the cobalt till I get to Northrend. I was working over the weekend so didnt get much done. But great work, and your other items you found for recipes etc gave me some fresh ideas. thanks! Have a great day!

  4. I allow myself to be distracted into leveling my professions too easily. I need to concentrate on getting Kalli to Northrend, not squeeze another 5 levels of Blacksmithing. :P