Day Fifty Four - 10 March 2011

Usually when I have a very limited time to get on WoW, it's spent doing a bit of Auction House. I thought this night would be a chance to see what I could do with Kallixta. I still have difficulty balancing my race to top-level with a desire to see different things on the way.

So what would I do with a few minutes on Kallixta? Well, I had stopped abruptly last time and there were a few things I wished I had completed but hadn't. Level 65, for example! I was close enough to taste, so it shouldn't take long. I had also been farming ore nodes to level my mining and blacksmithing, so another circuit around Zangarmarsh made some sense.

I had once had a plan to work on my BC reputations, but I've had second thoughts. The rewards aren't needed for leveling and they're too grindy otherwise. So despite a desire for that lichen shield, it's more like a distraction. There are more important things to see on this journey. The grind for exalteds belongs with my achievement-seeking character.

After logging in, I noticed I had one quest 6/8 completed and 5 minutes later I was ready to turn it in. Sadly, that wasn't sufficient to ding, but I spotted a Fel Iron node on my mini-map and after taking my pick axe to it, I saw while not increasing my Mining skill, I still got XP for it. So I felt like another round of ore node farming would probably be appropriate. Sure enough, after a few more nodes I got my level and some ore to work on my Blacksmithing. I happened to be in southern Zangarmarsh, so it seemed like a good time to visit Shattrath.

I had accumulated a lot of junk in my bags, so I sold a bunch of stuff, mailed some things to my bank alt, and found the BS Trainer. I did some smelting and then concentrated on my Blacksmith leveling. I completed my complete Fel Iron Plate set and managed to level BS to 335. I'll need to pick up the Adamantite Cleaver plans next. I've been making a bit of profit from the rare recipes I've been picking up in Outland, including things sold in Telredor.

I should fold up my tabard to better display my complete Fel Iron set with the Jade shoulders. She looks spiffy!

All 5 pieces of Fel Iron Plate


  1. Good work on the blacksmithing! Another thing you can do to up your skill is head out to Zangarmarsh, over to the muchroom tower with all the Draeni. The Armor repair lady there sells three blue pattern plate armor pieces for Adamantite armor. It will get you skilled through the last couple of points to hit 350. When you get to 350 you can pick up the cobalt patterns from there. Hope this helps ya and have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I had in my notes to grab some of those rarer recipes for resale on the Auction House, too. Not only Loolruna in Zangarmarsh, but Aaron Hollman in Shattrath has some good ones. With your reminder and feeling kinda lazy, I spent a quiet bit of time flying around the Outland, picking up a bunch of limited availability recipes for resale. My coin purse now thanks you!