Day Fifty One - 25 Feb 2011

With the Love is in the Air holiday passed and Martuska finishing her Fool for Love achievement, I was free to spend time with Kallixta. When last we dropped in on our intrepid heroine, she'd managed level 61 and was still in the middle of the Hellfire Peninsula. This would appear to be a good time to gather some more experience, right?

Except there was a Guild Event scheduled for Friday night. Stories of love and fools was supposed to be a chance for us to roleplay and storytell. It got postponed from the middle of the Valentine's holiday until now, which made for a fascinating coincidence.

It just happened that I had made my first proposal for a Shared Topic at BlogAzeroth, What is your favorite weapon, and it just happened to get scheduled for this week! Suddenly I needed a good post. Too bad there was no way to combine the two.

Or was there...?

The Guild Event went really well. It was held at the Gazebo behind the Stormwind Cathedral and the place worked wonderfully for this event. We had a few visitors join the audience and only one burdensome troll that we easily ignored. We got some nice compliments and publicity. It was everything we wanted out of the event.

But I'll post my story as a separate entry that will be linked to the Shared Topic. Instead I wanted to mention what else happened on Friday evening. I managed level 62? Okay, enough about me. What I'll remember from this night was all about the story telling.

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