Day Fifty - 5 Feb 2011

There was one priority that competed against Kallixta's attention. Martuska needed to complete the Lunar Elder title before Syylia left with the good laptop. Only after that was done did I get to dust off Kallixta for what Psynister calls the Outland gear reset.

Level 61

I did manage a bunch of Hellfire questing and ding another level. There is a lot of boring travel back and forth between quest givers and the quest's target locations, but none of it was difficult. I did run into another leveler waiting for a miniboss to respawn, so I grouped with a Drainei mage. It was so strange to have that water elemental next to me while not on Martuska! Working as a pair helped tremendously on those Kill X worms quests, so we didn't need to compete. I wish I could continue the cooperation.

Skill Leveling

I knew I was going to upgrade some gear with crafted items, so I first did some skilling up on my smelting and blacksmiting. I also wanted to knock out a few more of the profitable items, like enchanting rods. This meant a quick trip to Shattrath, which really wasn't that long compared to many Northrend taxi rides.

Mining: 325
Blacksmithing: 316


I know there's still some good upgrades to come from Hellfire questing, but I'd replaced a bunch of old Azeroth equipment already and had the Fel Iron itching to be put to use. Kallixta is still wearing old world shoulders, cloak, bracers, boots, one ring and two trinkets. Oh, and my shield. The shield will get upgraded by the beautiful Sporeggar reward. One trinket will be upgraded by an upcoming quest. The boots might get replaced if I run Ramparts. I fixed the gloves and belt with my own craft results, two pieces of Fel Iron Plate. I crafted the boots to go with them, but need level 62 to wear. Just wearing these two pieces though provides another 15 to hit. I'm thinking I'll enjoy the green look much better with more of the items. In fact, there are many future items that could look nice with these.

From my Excel Spreadsheet

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