Day Forty Nine - 1 Feb 2011

Level 60

In a timely manner, Psynister published his next installment, Paladin Leveling, 50-69 Protection. I highly recommend his suggestions. I also greatly appreciate his explanations, which make understanding why certain talents are taken and how certain actions work together, etc. It's good stuff. Of course, I needed to review my macros, re-spec, and fix my action bars. I managed to do that while watching a movie with the family and listening to the blizzard outside. Finally I was ready to go.

It took more time to earn this level than the prior ones. The quest hubs required a bit more back and forth and I was without a flying mount. Knowing I'll want some Honor Hold marks, I've been keeping an eye open for chances to pick up one of the PvP targets. A group was picking them up and I needed one, so I joined and turned in my daily, earning my first marks, Insignia of the Alliance and Freedom of the Alliance.

I then worked on quests and eventually I dinged. I immediately went to train and buy my griffon. I felt this was a good place to stop.

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