Day Forty Eight - 31 Jan 2011

Level 59

Would you like a quick means of knowing the difference in leveling in the Outland compared to the redesigned questing experience in Azeroth?

Ding 85's Alliance Hellfire Peninsula Guide: If not yet 59, return to the The Legion Front and kill demons until you reach Level 59.

This is the definition of Grind and was once very common as the means for quick leveling, but has disappeared from the 1-60 experience. For most of us, we're perfectly happy with that.

As I did my grind this morning, dinging 59 with about 15 minutes of effort, I was reminded of a "pro" I'd forgotten. I had accumulated a stack of Netherweave cloth! Different grinds in the past could reward good farming materials. There was always the possibility to select a grind target for rewards you needed, a double dip of sorts. There will be a crop of new players that won't learn this lesson as quickly.

Kallixta didn't get much attention this weekend, but I did manage to sneak in one quick level.

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