Return to Ulduar

The holidays didn't provide me with a huge amount of extra time on WOW, just a more relaxed time, so Martuska is at 84.75. Without finishing Twilight Highlands, I've only got a few of the top-end quest items. It all looks so much better than Tier 10, I hadn't realized I wasn't keeping up on my Hit cap. How many of you have discovered that old WOTLK raids aren't as easy as you remembered?

For New Year's eve, my guild wanted to try something fun and easy, considering it likely some folks were likely alcohol-inhibited. There was debate about were to go and interest centered on Ulduar. We filled the 10-man, but didn't quite make it to 17 or 18, whichever the number needed to make it an official Guild 25 man run.

I'd done the weekly to Razorscale twice before, so I had some experience, but it was my first time on top of the Flame Leviathon. So now I got the turret achievement, Shutdown and Unbroken for 25-man! Since prior visits turned for Razorscale, this was my first visit to XT-002 and we managed Nerf Gravity Bombs. Kologorn was surprisingly easy under the careful instruction of our raid leadership.

That brought us to the crazy cat lady. The fight is complicated and plenty of us made mistakes. I spent a lot of time ensuring I was in the correct place and targetting the correct target. I found out just how squishy I could be. The wiped once, but managed our Auriaya kill correctly on our second try.

Finally, we got to Hodir. And that's were we ended our night. The first wipe was amazingly quick. We tried shifting those DPS with Healing off-specs to help us live longer. The second wipes made it clear that with only 15 or 16 in the raid, we just didn't have the DPS.

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