Ragefire Chasm, but not a Guild Run

Breasal, Rainshine and Kallifornia went to Ragefire Chasm this weekend. It had been too long since my shaman had exercised, but now the dust has been brushed off. Trying to be accomodating, I went as a DPS while the feral druid was the healer and the ret pally was the tank.

Something about that is just wrong, yet at this level it didn't give us much trouble (as long as we didn't do anything stupid). I think I threw one heal when Breasal needed a bit of extra, but it probably wasn't really necessary. Instead I spent most of the run trying to improve my DPS. I know I managed to greatly increase it by the end of the run as I remembered things that had rusted over. The circling balls of Earth Shield and Lightning Shield also provided some fun as the kitty druid wanted to pounce on the shiny ball. She's actually pretty good at. That probably is an important skill to practice for RP!

Ragefire Chasm, Defeat Taragaman the Hungerer.

About the others that joined us, I'll spend a few words about the hunter. He didn't have a pet and seemed, I don't know, proud that he didn't? It seemed to me that he stole threat from the tank far too often, and then kited the mob away. It never killed him, but it struck me as a terrible habit to get into. Maybe Breasal can tell me his impressions.

That Hunter did manage to get us to the optional bosses, which we might not have without him, but there was no way we should jump off the balcony into the final boss fight. I think we did those two as a four man and still didn't really have much trouble. Why can't I remember that? It seems like something that I should still recall after only a couple days.

So big thanks to Breasal and Rainshine for a fun run and a good opportunity to return to my shaman.

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