Days Thirty Seven to Forty One - December 2010

Day Thirty Seven - 26 Nov 2010

Kallixta managed a brief appearances for Pilgrim's Bounty. The show was not for the purpose of achievements, although she did manage Sharing is Caring. The purpose was to take advantage of the unique opportunity to increase her cooking skill. Just by bouncing between the capitals, I managed to run her cooking up to 300, the highest she can get at this time. To learn Master level cooking, I'll need to upgrade her account to include Burning Crusade.

A side effect of accomplishing some of those Pilgrim's Bounty quests was to ding level 42!

Day Thirty Eight - 6 Dec 2010

Kayyos cycled through most of our characters to ensure they got the WoW's 6th Anniversary achievement, including Kallixta.

Day Thirty Nine - 21 Dec 2010

I had been researching the new Protection rotation and some macros to support the change. Until these were done and practiced, I'm avoiding Kallixta. With the holiday time, I thought I'd give it some time. While logged on, I realized she's riding slower than needed, so I grabbed Fast and Furious, journeyman riding.

Day Forty - 25 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas! While the kids were playing things like Epic Mickey, noone was on the laptop this afternoon. It gave me a chance to do things like open presents online! He knows If You've Been Naughty.

Day Forty One - 27 Dec 2010

After practicing with the new macros and rotation, I wanted to put it to use. Reviewing Kallixta's equipment and enchants, I realized I still had mail on her Wrist, Waist and Feet! While working at correcting this, I spotted Wyrmslayer Spaulders for cheap on the Auction House.

Ready for adventure, I discovered I've levelled out of Pristine Waters! I needed to research the other dungeons before attempting to tank.

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