Day Forty Three - 14 Jan 2011

I measured my interests in pursuing Classic Dungeonmaster at level versus just leveling asap. I'd already missed Maraudon and I discovered that leveling by LFD just isn't as quick anymore. The revamped quest story lines from Cataclysm made fast leveling fun and it was all still new to me. It doesn't preclude visits to the LFD queue in future, but I thought I'd give PvE a stronger try. This weekend sure was an eye-opener!

Eastern Plaguelands

It really didn't take long to finish Eastern Plaguelands Quests and I was a bit puzzled why Full Caravan didn't pop. I ensured I got Beezil, the last missing caravan member and looking saw that all characters were checked off. Consulting wowhead's comments showed there were bugs. As of now, I'm missing Fiona despite having her earlier! There is an outstanding known issue, so I won't worry about it. It's not like Kallixta is that worried about Achievements. Where to next?


Kallixta had earlier followed the call quest that gave her a rocket ride to the initial Badlands questing hub. She ran through a few, including the hilarious Goat Nudging quest! I didn't notice the timed achievement before moving on. I was already out-leveling the badlands and wanted to move on. I managed to finish Explore Badlands before continuing west.

Searing Gorge

Kallixta didn't bother completing any of the quests at the initial hub on the Badlands border, but just hurried on to Thorium Point. She had leveled to 48 and I wanted to fly to Ironforge and do a bit of administration, like training. I actually continued on to Stormwind and did the fishing and cooking quests, picking up 5 Daily Quests by accident. It all made for a good stopping point for a Friday Night.

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