Day Forty Six - 22 Jan 2011


Despite being only level 54, Kallixta wanted to make a visit to Shattrath. Someone answered my portal request promptly and BAM, there I was. I confirmed I didn't need to pick up the flight path. I could fly to Honor Hold and the Dark Portal itself. Asking a guard got me to the Blacksmith Trainer. I needed 5 more skill levels before I could train up. Luckily I had a bunch of Thorium from mining in Un'Goro, so I popped out some Imperial Plate items to reach the necessary minimum. Done.

There isn't a Mining Trainer in Shattrath and I wasn't close on First Aid or Fishing, but I found the cooking trainer. I now recall leveling up to max on Pilgrim's Bounty.

I took the flight to Honor Hold and confirmed I couldn't get flying early. I'll need to wait for level 60 as expected, but I did train in Mining, opening myself up to leveling that while picking up more Thorium in Azeroth.

Un'Goro Crater

After the server reset, Kallixta finally managed to get back to the Hot Springs and the crazy Maxmillian of La Mancha or whatever. I followed the storyline, dinged 55 and completed Explore Un'Goro Crater and Un'Goro Crater Quests, so it was time to return to find a new Call for Heroes!

The Blasted Lands

I've finished 12 /35 of Blasted Land Quests and dinged level 56 in short order. I've more Rested XP that should see me through another level or two. The plan should see me hitting level 58 once I've finished here and I'll move back through the Dark Portal.c

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