Day One Hundred and Twelve - 18 Oct 2011

Hallow's End and Gearing a Retadin

I logged on with expectations of a quick run of dailies and an Auction House visit, but was surprised to discover Hallow's End had started.

I immediately joined the queue for the Headless Horse, selecting DPS for the first time. I knew I was unlikely to fail. I just needed to do decent damage and not get myself killed. I made certain I knew where my "Oh Shit" Lay on Hands button was.

It was ridiculously easy. I actually topped the DPS Recount! I knew it wasn't about meters, but I took this as validation that I did indeed know something about what I was doing. Since I had a '/target Head of' macro, I was quick enough at switching. Seeing others selecting Need on the loot, I felt no guilt in doing the same. Kallixta won the Seal of the Petrified Pumpkin, perfect for my new spec! Three achievements popped from this encounter:
While quickly running through the Molten Front dailies, another interesting achievement popped:
From my prior use of Wow JuJu's repcalc, I knew it was coming soon and that there were some excellent rewards.


This brings me to the delayed discussion of Kallixta's newest gear set. The first thing I did was review my existing equipment. A few pieces of my Tanking set could be reused. I also found a couple recent Brewfest rewards
 Since some were Blacksmith made items, I actually recrafted a couple pieces to allow separate Reforging to occur. I also made a new Ebonsteel Belt Buckle. Some of these have since been replaced:
Second, Kallixta visited faction vendors to pick up some reputation rewards, including the recently unlocked. I also decided to get two copies of some things to allow different reforgings:
Next, I looked in the Auction House. Although the ring and trinket purchase was modest, I did decide the expensive purple weapon was worthwhile:
That leaves the shoulder quest reward that I can't upgrade!
However, I could craft Redsteel Shoulders as something different. I also needed to purchase a few more Bold Inferno Rubies, some different enchants, added my recently acquired Lesser inscription of Jagged Stone

The end result is although it's a new Spec, I'm now better geared than I was with either of my other, longer standing Specs! Kallixta will also need to visit the Headless Horseman and get his Horrific Helm!

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