Day One Hundred and Four - 1 Oct 2011

My enjoyment with Kallixta running the Coren Direbrew event inspired me to finish levelling her and get on with it! I have stopped for vacation most of the way through Uldum and so I picked up where I had left off.

Actually, while I ran the Brewfest Dungeon about every day over the last week, I also ran the Plucky Thieves daily. I'd log on, queue for Coren until I deemed myself done then ran the daily. I left Kallixta zoned in Uldum or maybe I'd hearth back to Stormwind, do the Auction House or whatever, then portal back to Uldum.

But this day I looked at the Uldum quests I had and figured out where to pick up (around Schnottz's Landing) and away I went. I still was surprised at the frequency with which cinematics would pop up. I had far less trouble with quests as a Protection Paladin than I did as a squishy Mage. I could just wade in swinging. I spent some time dithering over quest rewards, but there were really few that were upgrades. According to the Activity Log, there were three Superior items while any greens were quickly selected for their trash resale value. I didn't bother including any of the new blues into my item sets while questing. I just accumulated them for decision making later.

One of my guildmates was excited, only three bubbles away from level 85. I started the day with only a couple bubbles total, but was pleased with the speed I picked up experience. When I finished the zone, I headed back to Stormwind, knowing I'd be heading for the Twilight Highlands and I was over half-way to Max Level!

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