Day One Hundred and Five - 2 Oct 2011

Level 85!

Kallixta started the evening with about half a level to go to 85. She had already done the quest leading from the King and Prince in Stormwind, but hadn't hopped on the plane to Twilight Highlands, so that was the first step. Martuska's experience was still fresh enough that when the immediate battle on the arrival boat drew too many mobs, I knew to swim to shore so as to handle them one at a time. Determined now that the end was in sight, Kallixta did what was necessary. She experienced much more of the zone than Martuska had, with almost half of the zone's quests done when IT happened. I considered continuing on a bit, but I knew Kallixta should immediately head to Hyjal for the Firelands Invasion start.

Kallixta wrapped up her business with the Wildhammers, a third of the way from Friendly to Honored, and took off to Stormwind. She had a few items awaiting this point, such as her purples won from Coren Direbrew that required level 85 before equiping. It did not take long before she was off to Hyjal and the Sanctuary of Malorne.

The beginning quests were little trouble. The first sign of difficulty was zoning into the Molten Front and immediately finding myself in battle with a Obsidian Slaglord. Wasn't the quest name Through the Gates of Hell a big enough hint? Apparently not because I dithered in panic and died quicker than I thought possible. Maybe a fresh 85 isn't ready? After a bit of research, I tried again and had little trouble. Soon enough I was back in my stride and romping around, doing my dailies and happy with my performance.

Once Kallixta found her rhythm, she completed her first day of dailies and unlocked Zen'Vorka. She bought 2 purples for the Protection spec and 1 for Holy.

Returning to Mount Hyjal, Kallixta flew back to where Thrall and the Elemental Bonds quest chain was waiting. I did my research before starting this quest, or so I thought. However, I discovered dying during any of the boss battles zeroed out any accumulated points and requiring me to start over. I had difficulties where my rotation gathered too many mobs plus a big elite. I finally became extra careful on using things with an AoE component and got back on track. When the wedding finally got going, I had a happy face and was pleased with a new purple cloak for my Healing spec. I had been trying to concentrate on equipment for Holy. After updating, Kallixta's Item Level Average was 338 for her Holy spec and about the same for Protection. Her Amory lists her as having 343 in her bags. That's quite a difference!

This ended an extremely productive night, having finally brought my little paladin to maximum level and playing in current end-game content. Obviously there's more to do, but I'm happy to sit back and reflect on this accomplishment.

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