Day One Hundred and Seven to Ten - 7-11 Oct 2011

Retribution Spec

Three days and three returns to Mount Hyjal and Molten Front dailies. I remembered to wave a few times, picking up "Chromie" and "Hemet Nessingwary" on the Have... Have We Met?  achievement. Three days adding to the Marks total and little else to say. Oh, one thing: 200 Daily Quests Complete.

It was on the fourth day that something different happened. I had mentally reconciled that I wasn't going to be running a healer anytime soon. I knew it wasn't going to happen, but I also wasn't making any progress as a Tank, really. When I saw my guildies heading off together for another dungeon run, it struck me that I could go with them as a DPS.

So I dropped my Holy spec and started building a Retribution spec. There was a lot of anguish, but I wasn't selling off my Holy gear, just crowding my bank with yet another set of gear.
I also did research. I'm using a couple sites for education:
So I spent the rest of the evening reviewing my equipment and spending some gold. I'll review my complete gear in a subsequent post.

Now that Kallixta has the Spec, Glyphs and Gear and I've installed an addon to help, I went to the target dummies and was very disappointed. I was barely breaking 6k. That didn't sound like a lot. Luckily I had helpful guildies that helped me understand a few things. After maybe an hour, I had managed to break 10k. Now that's still not very impressive to me, but for one night, I concluded I was on the right track.

The whole change meant Kallixta had new things she needed to test out on the weekend.

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