Day One Hundred and Six - 5 Oct 2011

Here was Kallixta's first evening logging in already at Level 85. She immediately headed off to the Molten Front to get her dailies done. After that, she was trying to think of her next priority. Should she head to Uldum and do the Ramakahen dailies?

Someone in the Guild asked if anybody wanted to do Coren Direbrew. Holy Socks! Wasn't that over already? Oh, I see. It's the last night. Well, sure. Kallixta switched over to Holy and joined the party, offering her healing services. She had done this before a bunch of times and this time it was with guildmates. If she was doing something wrong, they'd let her know, right?

Coren went down extremely quick and then something funny happened. We qualified as a Guild Run Dungeon Challenge, 1 of 7 for the week. Really? That was a dungeon challenge? We could see the extra guild experience and gold. Huh. And we never had a qualifying guild run on Coren before? Let's try another!

Soon we had done 5 runs against Coren, but the last one somehow didn't pop a Dungeon Challenge 5 of 7, why not? If we weren't all level 85, would that disqualify us? Funny how having someone weaker would mean we weren't as well rewarded.

We kept rotating guild alts, allowing folks to pick up their daily keg, but Kallixta kept returning as healer and noone else was interested, but then things took a turn downhill. On the final run, the tank suddenly was taking huge damage and Kallixta couldn't keep up. I got flustered and wasn't finding the right keys in my panic. I looked for, but couldn't find the Lay on Hands I wanted. I couldn't find my cool downs. Divine Lights weren't keeping up!

And then the tank died! Kallixta and another party member were heavily damaged. I quickly put Beacon on the new tank volunteer and tried my best, but I was still all off-kilter. And I was too focussed on the new tank and saw Kallixta's heal go down more. We were going to wipe on Coren!

Kallixta died and rathered quickly, I thought, managed to re-entry the dungeon. Amazingly I had kept the second tank alive long enough for the remaining party members to take out Coren before a complete wipe. But my confidence was shattered. I knew I hadn't handled things well. Others were willing to take some blame, but I knew I hadn't done all I could. I knew a few correct uses of my cool downs wouldn't have allowed the tank to die. I logged off the night in shame.

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